EDI/B2B Translation Service

Commerce-Connections B2B/EDI Translation Service is a cost effective alternative to implementing your own B2B EDI software.

The outsourced translation service, CCXEDI (Network-Based Translation) allows you to quickly and easily implement business-to-business (B2B) trading relationships with minimum investment in additional hardware, software or IT resources.

The service is delivered from a high performance B2B Server and maintained by our EDI and network specialists. This will allow you to focus on your core business.

Who should use the service?

The B2B/EDI Translation Service is the solution for organisations that seek a fully integrated and automated B2B solution but don't want to operate their own B2B environment for cost, skills or other strategic reasons.

Service Offering Details

Customers simply need to connect via FTP(s), AS/2 to the Service Center Mailbox and up/download their agreed in-house files. This process can be fully automated.

Our experts will perform tasks such as :

  • Translation map definitions between inhouse file and EDI/XML or other formats
  • All communication setups with your trading partner
  • Any custom application process definition (file split, validation etc.)
  • Change management
  • Service Help Desk 09:00 - 17:00 on working days


  • EDI/XML and-to-any translation (EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, ebXML, Ansi X12 ..)
  • Message delivery to your trading partner via direct connections or VAN
  • Wide range of communication protocols supported (FTP(s), HTTP(s), AS/2, OFTP, SMTP); we can also exchange data via a VAN interconnect or through API
  • Error notification
  • Transaction Reports


  • Respond quicker to new business opportunities that require B2B/EDI capabilities. Using Commerce-Connections CCXEDI Service gives you access to our EDI experts who will support you in all B2B and EDI related matters.
  • Reduce operating costs No hardware or software for B2B/EDI translation is required at the users site. Consequently, no ongoing maintenance is necessary.
  • Flexible charging options from pay-as-you go to flat fees depending on the volume. There are no hidden charges. To send an EDI message is 40% cheaper than a first class stamp!
  • Keep up with changes in technology and B2B/EDI standards without the worries. Commerce-Connections uses a state of the art B2B Server that supports all major EDI standards.
  • Protect your investment All mappings and setup can be re-used should you decide to migrate to a Commerce-Connections in-house EDI system at some point in the future.
  • Easy connect to the Managed Service mailbox via a secure Internet FTP link or use a VAN mailbox service for data transfer.
  • Automation of manual processes