e-Collaboration services for work-groups enables work-groups of every size to collaborate and share information whilst in the office or working from remote locations, without the burden of system management.

Working in a collaborative environment sharing information is key to today’s business success. Just imagine having access to the latest changes of a report produced by the project team while working from a client site. The technology is available, however, many smaller companies or consultancy groups settle for less competitive tools, believing that only large corporations can afford the investment to build and operate such an environment.

Commerce-Connections provides an e-collaboration service based on the leading Lotus Notes Domino collaboration technology. User groups starting from only 5 users can take advantage of a shared Domino Server delivering:

  • Integrated e-mail services
  • User calendar and team calendar
  • Address book
  • To-do list
  • Document database or team room database

Key Benefits

No technical experience required: Our e-collaboration Services lets you focus on your core business without the need of setting up and managing a collaboration server environment

Cost-Effective: There is no need for expensive hardware or software investment. Our Solution is delivered as an application service

Proven Solution: Our e-collaboration services are based on the world's leading Lotus Domino Server technology. More than 50 Million Users are currently using Lotus Notes Domino

Improved Efficiency and Competitiveness: Our e-collaboration services keep you up-to-date on the status of a project or gives you access to the latest proposal document even when away at a client site or from your hotel room

A Solution that Grows with You: As your team or organisation grows, your requirements may change. You may require additional services or simply want to connect more users. Our e-collaboration services are fully scalable solutions ranging from a minimum of 5 users to several 1000 users. Additional services such as
document management or Web-based e-commerce services are just two of the many enhancements available.