Portal Solutions

The Commerce-Connections B2B Service Portal System enables organisations to integrate their suppliers and customers electronically via a single portal interface.

The B2B Portal can be customised to an organisation's individual needs from simple order taking to extended supply chain management processes facilitating the web, EDI/XML and fax. The portal backend can be integrated into all major ERP and other backend applications.

B2B applications :

  • Data Synchronisation
  • Forecasting
  • Order / Invoice
  • Delivery notification
  • Supply Chain visibility
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) Supply Chain management
  • WebForms
  • CSV Upload
  • EDI to Fax - Fax to EDI
  • Traditional EDI (XML, EDIFACT, TRADACOM)

Key Benefits

  • Versatility - Communication with suppliers and customers alike
  • Single flow - Single route in and out of organisation
  • Easy to maintain / manage - Latest Generation database driven Web Application
  • Full customisable - The portal components can be customised to support most business processes
  • Fast deployment - Roll out support provided by Commerce-Connections