PEPPOL Access Point

We are a certified Peppol Service Provider


What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online) is an international e-procurement network built on a set of common protocols and specifications, owned and maintained by OpenPeppol.

Commerce-Connections was one of the first EDI providers in the UK to offer PEPPOL as a service. As a PEPPOL Access Point Provider, we can offer suppliers an EDI connection with NHS trusts, private healthcare providers and anyone connected with the PEPPOL eDelivery Network.

NHS suppliers

Use of PEPPOL mandated for NHS suppliers

The NHS has mandated the use of PEPPOL as a message format and message transmission protocol. The format is XML. As of February 2020 all PEPPOL access point providers are required to support the AS4 protocol, which replaces the previously used AS2.

The key standards required for adoption by both the NHS and its suppliers are:
- GS1 compliance

Commerce-Connections is a registered partner of GS1 and fully compliant with their standards. We have expert knowledge to take full advantage of.

The PEPPOL standards must be used for electronic purchase order and invoice messages (they are optional for despatch advice notes) and are required to be exchanged through PEPPOL Access Points.

PEPPOL access to global trade

Commerce-Connections is not just a PEPPOL Access Point provider for trading with the NHS

Besides the obligatory requirement for trading with the NHS, PEPPOL has a string of benefits to streamline trading with both the NHS and British & European B2B and B2G trading partners. Initially developed as an EU standard, PEPPOL is on its way to become global, with Singapore spearheading the implementation in the Asia Pacific region, closely followed by Australia and New Zealand.

The PEPPOL four corner model

Free choice of access point

PEPPOL is based on a four-corner model, which means PEPPOL-enabled trading partners only have to connect to an access point of their choice to exchange messages.

Whether your company is supplying the NHS, private healthcare, retail, manufacturing, automotive, etc., our services will allow you to trade electronically with your trading partners. We provide order-to-cash EDI/B2B services on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis to any type of organisation. Regardless of which CC-Ltd Service you choose there is no need to purchase additional hardware or software, everything is provided by us.

Looking for a PEPPOL Access Point?

Commerce-Connections was one of the first EDI providers in the UK to offer PEPPOL as a service.