edpem™ - Process Event Monitoring

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What is edpem™ (process event monitoring)?

edpem™ is an event monitoring system which offers both intra- and inter-company end-to-end views of processes. It can provide alerts to update personnel on the status of scheduled events. This allows pro-active risk management by monitoring essential processes, so appropriate interventions and corrections can be made with significantly reduced delay. Criteria within the system can be set to enable predictability.

There is a hierarchical control system to enable and organise group or individual visibility of processes. Views can be tailored to roles within an organisation to provide high- and low-level views to relevant users for maximum efficiency. With edpem™, by bringing together information from connected systems for distributed teams, any business has one of the most powerful tools for maintaining peak service.

Furthermore, edpem™ can safely monitor processes without risk to sensitive material or customer data thanks to its surface-level operation. edpem™ makes use of passive data, which is data sent to edpem™ rather than actively requested. Integration with edpem™ does not require direct access to business-critical databases; no additional development is needed; hence it removes the risk of interrupting essential processes.

Commerce-Connections and edpem™

Commerce-Connections is the UK and Asia partner for Compacer’s condition-monitoring and predictive-maintenance software solution.

edpem™ is a powerful process event monitoring application which provides visibility of any business process.

What are the benefits?

- EASY TO USE: Standalone implementation which does not require any additional business process management (BPM) software

- FLEXIBLE: Able to integrate with almost any other system (even legacy systems)

- TRANSPARENT: Gathers all the information sent byconnected systems, making it available for distributed teams

- DATA VISIBILITY: Analysis and visualisation of process events

- INDEPENDENT: Platform-independent; it can be viewed in a web browser

- SIMPLE: Can be deployed decentralised or centralised in any department of an organisation

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