Commerce Connections And Our Role In The Pandemic

First, we hope all of you are well and avoiding risks associated with COVID-19. The current situation is a distressing one to find ourselves in, with much uncertainty. Since COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic, the economy has suffered from heavy hits in both the supply chain and stock market.

We have sent this newsletter out to assure our customers of our constant support and availability. So that you are aware, there has been a confirmed case in the building in which our UK office is based. The building management has elected not to close the building. However, we at Commerce-Connections are currently self-isolating as a precaution and working from home. We have full functionality and we are prepared to support you as normal during the same business hours. Additionally, we have staff able to cover our clients’ needs both continents in which we operate: Asia and Europe.

This means we may have the cat walking across our screen, but you will still have our full attention! The pandemic may be affecting delivery times and material availability with our clients’ buyers, this, in turn, may affect the invoicing and cause issues with increased or decreased demand. As per usual, we are ready to support with our technical team. Our sales team is also at your disposal, if you wish to look at adapting your integration capabilities as a result of this disruption.

This pandemic is a serious event and measures to combat it must be taken equally seriously. We do not wish for any of our staff or clients to become ill or, even worse, make their loved ones ill. We believe in following published advice about hand washing thoroughly and maintaining social distancing. It can be easy to fall into leniency when considering the raw data which seems to show that COVID-19 is not a serious disease for many people, especially for younger people, but we urge you to consider the full ramifications.

COVID-19 will be putting pressure on health services on top of their usual caseload. This does not just mean catching COVID-19 is a problem, it means catching anything or requiring hospitalization for anything is a problem. The pandemic is draining resources even for chronic illnesses and putting those already ill at risk. Our contribution to fighting it is to stay well and help those around us to stay well, too.

Nevertheless, life still goes on and we are all in this together. We are putting up regular notices regarding Coronavirus news, if you wish to stay up to date on our website. Stay strong, stay safe!