IoT - Air Service Trial in Hong Kong
Five industries are testing Commerce-Connections’ temperature and humidity sensors

Restaurant - Yadllie Plat
Pharmacy - Woods Pharmacy
Red wine - Halls Co. Limited
Beer - Mak's Brewery Company Limited

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We have received great feedback from all of the trials completed so far; they have been delighted with the product and how easy is to set up.

If you think this would be appropriate for your business, please contact us by submitting an online enquiry.

If it is crucial for your business or organisation to be able to monitor temperature and humidity, Commerce-Connections can offer the full service that enables real-time collection, transmission and viewing of your readings.

The service is particularly useful for environments where monitoring conditions is essential, such as laboratories, care homes, hospitals and medical centres, restaurants, supermarkets, food delivery vehicles and many more.

These are some of the examples of applications that companies have been using the Commerce-Connections’ Air Service for:


Yadllie Plate is a Korean restaurant specialising in fried chicken, with the fresh chicken having been hand pickled for a minimum of 48 hours by using high pressure.


Woods Pharmacy provides Chinese and Western medicine, regular milk powder, cosmetics, and daily necessities.

Wine Retailer

Halls Co. Limited retails wine and spirits, especially its Lafite collection.


Mak's Brewery Company Limited is Hong Kong’s local craft beer company with its own brewery.


A local logictics company have been testing our Air Service in a fleet of their trucks using 4G. They have made a huge saving on cost and were able to deploy instantly, without upgrading their trucks. This could potentially have costed over 2 million Hong Kong Dollars.

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