About us

Commerce-Connections was formed as an independent B2B/EDI service provider in 1999 to address the increasing demand for B2B software and services. Our main office is in Woking, just outside London. In 2007 we have expanded into Hong Kong with a fully-owned subsidiary.

By being independent we have the freedom to develop bespoke solutions or cooperate with our clients' existing legacy systems in order to deliver the best available technology for our clients.

We are proud of the fact that despite the global economic turmoil our company is going from strength to strength unlike other organisations that needed massive finance injections or were forced to merge or have been acquired to remain in the market. Neither did we drop entire product lines like so many of our competitors. The reason for this is that we do not charge a premium for our services.

Commerce-Connections solutions enable companies to cut costs, reduce cycle times, increase supply assurance and gain the flexibility required to meet customer demands.

Commerce-Connections is among the longest-standing B2B IT companies in Europe. The organisation's experience in this field is incomparable and is backed up by solid success as well as an impeccable reputation.

The company’s headquarters in Woking are providing sales and support to customers in the UK and mainland Europe and their trading partners world-wide.

Commerce-Connections also operates from branches in Hong Kong. Wider international reach is achieved via a network of partner organisations across Europe, US and Asia.


Our mission at Commerce-Connections, our mission is to provide high-quality, professional B2B solutions in support of strategic e-business initiatives.

Commerce-Connections addresses the issues and opportunities associated with Business-to-business (B2B), Supply Chain Collaboration, Extended Enterprise Communication and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Based on 20 years experience in business-to-business exchanges we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for our clients who can safely embark on electronic trading, Application Integration and Just-in-time supply chain projects. Drawing upon experience in all phases of application development - from requirement gathering to prototyping, implementation, and deployment - we have the skills necessary to develop the latest B2B applications and have delivered them over the Internet or corporate Intranet as Saas (Software as a Service) and on-demand long before the buzzwords have emerged. Over the years we have been working with clients on B2B projects and understand that to incorporate Internet and Intranet technologies into an organisation's core business requires knowledge of leading-edge technologies and a profound understanding of clients' business issues.

We are an independent B2B supply chain management solutions provider. This allows us to advise and deliver B2B solutions that fit our clients' needs. In order to be as flexible as possible we partner with leading hardware and software vendors. We have 20 years' experience delivering EDI and then supply chain management solutions.

Who we are and what we offer

We are an independent B2B solution provider - we deliver solutions based on leading technologies that fit our clients’ requirements.

Focused Skills

We have been working with clients for over twelve years to provide B2B solutions and are a leader in B2B/EDI outsourcing.


To achieve a high degree of flexibility in our offerings we provide a complete range of solutions from Web-based EDI services to high-end B2B transaction servers. Our solutions are adapted to our clients’ needs.